Winning Attributes of the Successful

Many people say they want something different in their life, but when the rubber meets the road aren't willing to pay the price.

Jeff Olson, author of, The Slight Edge, points out that only 5% of people experience success within their life time. Doesn’t that statistic make you wonder about the other 95%?

Olson informs us that while implementing simple principals and hard work will reap success, he makes it clear that it's just as easy not to do the work!

I believe success can be broken down into two basis factors:

1. Teach-ability

2. Willingness to invest in the work

Not long ago some one contacted me about coaching. I was initially impressed by the intention to seek me out even though the finances weren't in place to hire me, so we agreed on a mutual exchange of services.

The problem was that the mere idea was more appealing than the follow through of our arrangement. On the one day of services my whole family sensed the air of resentment. Even though we had arranged for this barter, the person's demeanor exposed discontentment.

After leaving with a huff the person canceled the follow up coaching session and I never head from that individual again. Probably many service provider have a story like this to tell, because with the 95% the investment will always too high.

Many people talk about the change they desire, but few will make the investment. That is why payment for the services we desire is an important component, unless one is sure to count the cost and make the investment of agreed upon work definitive.

There will always be an investment for those who want to steward their lives and reap a return. There will be an investment of time; effort; finances; and most importantly an investment to retrain limiting thinking to move out of a scarcity mindset. Nothing provides clearer evidence of scarcity than words that spout intention, while action concedes.

Clearly, what got you to where you are presently won't be all you need to get to the place of advancement that you desire. Advancement always requires expansion on some level.

When you think you want to take new ground in your life, or business, its important to weigh the cost. Make sure you have winning attributes on board to succeed. Then there will be no limit to what you can accomplish.

Wining Attributes for Success

• High Motivation

• Teach-ability

• Willingness to invest through: effort, finances, growing knowledge, skill and expansion of thinking

• Focus/Discipline/Blueprint

• Tenacity

Life, like coaching is a process, a marathon, and not a sprint. So here's to all the savvy women out there making the investment in their life and future, as long distance runners reaching their mark. Rock on!

Tell me about your biggest challenge and how you plan to face it head on!

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