You Are a Song


Sunset High

Imagine if when we looked at each other and heard a sound, or saw a scene, or beautiful image?


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I passed this street art above over the weekend and loved the message.  

Imagine hearing a melody or seeing a sunset when we look into another's eyes. For it is when we learn to suspend judgment and see the unique poetry in each other that we truly see.  

We are spirit beings, but so often we think of ourselves in compartments that don't truly exist. Awakening to the powerful reality of spirit over natural sight immediately alters and broadens our vision.

Our spirits are eternal so they aren't cloaked in persona or ego. Practicing abiding in the present and Presence means seeing beyond the natural seen realm. This is certainly foreign to many folks, but this is true reality, which enables us to carry peace and joy despite circumstances and outer measurements society forms of success.

Spirit is the only lasting reality, all else withers and fades. All of the false beliefs we hold crumble as we continually awaken to the reality of Eternal Love.

Some folks in my faith persuasion believe you have to jump through all sorts of hoops to arrive at this, but the truth is that all hoop jumping was accomplished on our behalf. This is not about willpower, in fact willpower hinders us from practicing the Presence and abiding in peace through one's spirit. Its through acceptance and openness that we enter in.

If you aren't seeing beauty in others, maybe you aren't truly seeing. 

Day 13 of 30 Paintings In 30 Days, Sunset High