You Were Always Adored


This week I witnessed the breathtaking birth of our first granddaughter, Amelia. As this precious new life came bounding into the world, helpless, naked and without any credentials. I was awestruck with the perfection built into this little life. No one told her that she needed to “do” something to be loved and cherished. Not for a moment was there hesitation to welcome her, or ponder her worthiness. She was adored before she even left the darkness of the womb.

Because of the perfect blueprint within her, she immediately gravitated toward the source of her nourishment, nursing from her mother without instruction, effort or fuss. And as she grows she will continue to gravitate toward her greatest fan and life source named, mama.

Amelia grew in the darkness of a hidden place, until the time she was revealed. And even now, she will be dependent on support to care for her, love her and clothe her in all she will need or do.

Life is made up of the same repetitive seasons that Amelia will continue to experience, like the rest of us. There are seasons when visible growth is unapparent, but the greatest growth is taking place in the unseen hidden chamber of darkness.

The last few years have been that sort of season of rest, stillness and preparation in my life. If I had not given myself to the time of rest, but rather busied myself with superfluous, unnecessary activity, I would have delayed the clarity and scope of full vision that came as a result of openness and willingness to be still.

Sometimes we try to fill the empty space, because it’s hard to sit with the gaps. We find things that seem “good,” but are not the “best” to occupy ourselves. Imagine if Amelia set out to "work on" her development in the womb. Imagine if she sought to clothe her own nakedness, or struggled to deem herself acceptable with some form of activity? What if she tried to grow herself instead of receiving the love that was growing her?

Amelia, like every single one of us came into the world as a beautiful BEING, not a Doing! And she will spend months, and even years doing nothing, but receiving love and learning bit by bit small steps into doing. She will never become a Doing, she and the rest of us will forever, be BEINGS.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to fall in stride with our seasons. When in a womb like season, we have the opportunity to embrace it with rest, and ease and reception of divine love encased around us. Through it we are growing in new dimensions. When we are again brought forth into action, we are never to forget our innate nakedness, or need for love, support and dependence on our very life Source.

Nothing we will ever do will be more perfect than the Being that we already are. Today, settle into your fully loved identity, whether you are working or resting, be enveloped in the womb of your original, completely loved identity. Like Amelia, remember what its like to let yourself be loved.