You're Invited To The Party!

For some time clients have asked me to provide them with daily inspiration, or Kimberisms. Not only am I coming out with a book of inspiring quotes, I am making a new addition to my blog. Check in for your semi-daily quotes and "Kimberism". Here’s the first:
Make life a party, so you want to show up! Kimber Britner

Recently when working with my own coach (every good coach knows the value of coaching and therefore has their own!) her intuition was sharp as she tapped right into an area I had been getting some intuition hits on myself.

She challenged me to bring more of what I do best into my business, related to my own creativity and ability to connect people, a factor she described as, “You invite people better than any one I know! That’s what you do! You keep inviting people to come and join in the party!” Even as a kid I brought groups together around a creative idea, such as a backyard talent show. :)

She reminded me that I am at my best when throwing a party. Maybe that is why on Thanksgiving we are hosting twenty or so singles, separated from families, to be a part of ours.

How well are you celebrating life? Are you under life, or dancing on top of it? Are you succumbing to the holiday blues, or are you turning up the music and belting out your own tune?

After losing my brother on Christmas Eve and attending his funeral four days later on my birthday, the holidays were a source of great pain for me. Naturally during my years of widowhood the holidays were also very difficult. Although I still try to reach out to those that may currently be hurting, as I suggest you do to, I’ve come to understand the way I reclaimed my own life was deciding to reclaim the party! Instead of allowing life circumstances to take me down, I chose to see the world as a party.

When life looses its fizzle I look for ways to create and bring in celebration. I invite you to do the same. That's why I created a fun pizazz assessment to measure whether or not life has lost its fizz and needs some new celebratory measures set in place. You might need some help turning up he fizzle and getting back in the party!

To determine if your life has lost its fizz I invite you to take my FREE pizazz assessment. Go to

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