I Did What You’re Never Supposed to Do!


I did what you’re never supposed to do!

I stopped my business cold in its tracks and took a breather. As if the track ended, others marched on and I veered off and let the train intentionally come to a complete halt.

Sometimes we need to give our self-permission to re-evaluate, take a hiatus, or merely regroup, because if we settle for the lesser we will forfeit the greater.

It is said that 98% of the planet spends 98% of their time on what matters little. I decided that I wanted to invest my time in what matters most. Truthfully what matters most is not the temporary attachments that we often settle for. What matters most is not the outer world that we work to control, but inner peace, inspiration, and well being, all benefits of a cared for inner world.

Having taken the time to let all the extraneous things fall away and focus on my inside world, I feel more clarity, energy, creativity, and purpose than I have in sometime. The things that are true for me have floated to the top of my barrel and I’ve let the toxins run off and out of sight.

How have you taken something you’re never supposed to do and made it work for you?

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