Good Girl Gone rogue

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Remember waking up happy and life didn’t suck?

You got to spend the day being whoever you wanted.

Life was for your own making!

coaching can Help you get your happy back.

Do you….

  • Feel like your passion has been doused and someone put a lid over your shine?

  • Struggle being stuck, moving two steps forward and then back to square one again?

  • Play nice, serving everyone else but you know being good is a terrible substitute for a fulfilling life.

  • Think “desire” is a dirty word because that’s what you’ve been taught, but you’re ready to own your desires?

  • Hideout instead of show up to the party called, your life?

  • Worry you’re gotten so tamed you don’t know how to reconnect the banished parts of yourself?

ThaT’s the Way I used to feel. pretending won’t help you change!

Are you ready for an Uprising!

Coaching can help you to:

  • Wake up excited to engage in your life.

  • Uncover your true essence as a whole spiritual being.

  • Claim your personal agency to live on your terms.

  • Stop being an after thought and take hold of your own uprising.

  • Experience the joy and moxie you’ve been missing.

I bet if you’re a “good girl” you’ve lost touch with what freedom feels like and you want to go rogue!

You might not even realize how much you long to be fully embodied and integrated to yourself. When you’re untruthful with yourself, you most likely don’t know that you’re being untruthful or that there are whole parts of you being neglected.
It’s easy to embrace the parts you think are good, pretty or acceptable, but all the achy, lonely, different, spiritual, and sexual parts of yourself want to be embraced and loved, too.

“I could have spent the rest of my life trying to prove that I was a good girl, but that would have been unfaithful to who I really was…at some point in a woman’s life she just gets tired of being ashamed all the time and after that she’s free to become whoever she truly is.”

Elizabeth Gilbert, City of Girls

It’s the conversations you’re most afraid to have that hold the most power over you.
It’s the unspoken, excommunicated ideas, messages and thoughts within you that create the most turmoil. 

Here’s the thing, taking the time to love and connect with yourself on a deeper level is not selfish.
It’s a sacred thing, because you can’t truly love others until you first learn to care for and love yourself.
When you become present to yourself, you begin to grow, heal and transform like never before and suddenly your life becomes a celebration.

Heck, you should be celebrating your life, because you’re the only one that can!

Why hustle for pats on the head and being everyone else's hero, when you’re failing yourself?
That outdated system only works if you’re oblivious to the fact that you’re surviving on crumbs.



Being an after thought is so outdated!


Ever hear that thump in your heart yelling, “Girl, wake up! You’re betraying yourself!
Pay attention and get present!”

That nagging feeling is telling you that all that superfluous busyness means
you’re not showing up for yourself.
You’re merely bypassing the pain of reality. You’re in resistance.

Here’s the thing: you’re smart. You’re capable of so much more than parroting what’s expected of you.
I know what it’s like to force-feed yourself what you can’t digest, just to make yourself palatable for others.

There’s so much more for you! I want to help you move out of your own way and discover the freedom of celebrating your life instead of settling for leftovers.

When you're running on leftovers, you end up in struggle and you don’t even recognize this tendency until it catches up to you through health issues, apathy or a lagging constitution.




The truth is that you have choices and you’re the one ultimately responsible to direct your life in the way you want it to go.
I remember discussing this with a client who was blown away when it sank in that she really did have choices.
She really was the one responsible to drive her life.

Ouch! The thing is we all have resistance.
You probably have really good reasons for the resistance in your life… ( I sure have! )

Resistance has actually helped you survive what you've been through and until you hold the space to welcome instead of judge what's going on beneath the surface, you will never be able to shift out of it.

That means making an intentional choice to look at the excuses and resistance that might be blocking you and keeping you out of sync with what you truly feel and want in life.

Resistance can actually work for you, because it's a messenger providing valuable information.
It's inviting you to listen and take a closer look at what's really going on.
It's letting you know that there is more available for you. 

A greater expansion is possible, as you reassess and redefine your playbook. 

Creating a welcoming internal climate is crucial to shift out of reoccurring cycles that have kept you stuck. Yet, it's difficult to navigate without the support of someone who can guide you into your own transformation.



Transformation Begins When You Decide to Drive Your Life!


This is where you determine if you've mode of operation is serving you or continuing to create conflict.
It's how you begin to individuate (at any age) by redefining and separating yourself from your mama's beliefs, the culture's beliefs, or your good ole ‘good girl’ing’ that’s stealing your aliveness.




Are you ready to…

✔️Rediscover the Joy of living 

✔️Rediscover the power of personal agency instead of abdicating it

✔️Rediscover the thrill of loving yourself instead of force-feeding yourself the stuff you can’t swallow

✔️Rediscover the Joy of your own uprising

There’s nothing quite as liberating and exhilarating as welcoming back into the fold the parts of yourself that have long been abandoned.
It’s nothing short of empowering to learn to care for yourself instead of the whole damn choir. 

Life Coaching is a tremendous support for renewed awareness and growth.
As you give attention to the space within that has long since been ignored, and begin to celebrate your life, you’ll come alive in ways you never knew possible.

“Working with you has been deeply effective to my soul as well as a fun journey of discovery. Our time together has been rich and empowering! I wholeheartedly consider the investment an important part of loving myself, understanding that I am the only one who can ultimately make the changes in my life and am accountable for what I do and do not to.”

“The way you help others get to their desires then live them out is so powerful. You had a very strong impact on my life and I just want to say thanks.”

“I had such great fruit from our session for months after. I connected with you and your style. I love your sense of freedom and creativity. It's truly inspiring!”

If you've determined that you're a worth the investment (you most certainly are) and you'd like support on your journey,
take advantage of my complementary 30 minute phone coaching session to determine if coaching is right for you.