Life Coaching with Kimber

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Many women are so focused on supporting those around them, they only live off the leftovers. Believe me, I've been that girl! And because women are often conditioned to merely get by and never imagine that life could be more than leftovers, it's revolutionary to recognize that you're full of color,  passion and beauty. You don't have to be an after thought. YOU'RE MEANT TO BE A CELEBRATION! 


When you're running on leftovers, instead of caring for your needs, you end up in struggle. And the thing about struggle is that it catches up to you and comes out sideways through your health, demeanor or general constitution.


The truth is that you have choices and you are the one who ultimately is responsible to direct your life and your perspectives in the way you want it to go. Scarcity and abundance really are an inside job. I remember discussing this with a client years ago, and she was blown away when it sank it that she really did have choices. She really was the one responsible to drive her life. 



Being an after thought is outdated!

Ouch, that means making a choice to look at the excuses and resistance that might be blocking you. We all have resistance. It's the thing that keeps us out of sync with what we truly feel and want in life. You probably have really good reasons for the resistance in your life (I sure have had for mine.) Sometimes resistance has actually helped you survive what you've been through and until you hold the space to welcome instead of judge what's going on beneath the surface where resistance resides, you will never be able to shift out of it.


Resistance can actually work for you, because it's a messenger providing valuable information. It's inviting you to listen and take a closer look at what's really going on. It's letting you know that there is more for you and that a greater expansion is possible, as you reassess and redefine your playbook. 


Creating a welcoming internal climate that I call "Personal Hospitality" is crucial for personal inquiry, friendship and discovery that creates a way out of reoccurring cycles that keep you stuck. It's the beginning of all lasting transformation. It's where you determine if you've mode of operation is serving you or continuing to create conflict. It's how you begin to individuate (at any age) by redefining and separating yourself from your mama's beliefs, the culture's beliefs, or your good ole Southern upbringing (in my case.) It's liberating and exhilarating to welcome back into the fold the parts of yourself that have long been abandoned, as you begin to care for yourself instead of the whole damn choir. 


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If you're not celebrating your life, you're missing the party!

It's like a daily celebration when you break free from hindering mindsets and decide to direct your life and reclaim your untamed heart! 


Life Coaching is a tremendous support for renewed awareness and growth.  As you give attention to the space within that most women have long since ignored, you'll begin to come alive in ways you never knew possible. You get to determine if you'll merely endure, or celebrate this life. 


If you've determined that you're a worthy investment (you most certainly are) and you'd like support on your journey, take advantage of my complementary 30 minute phone coaching session to determine if coaching is right for you. To schedule click here.