As The Delta sisters, (sister creatives) Lisa McCord a photographer and Kimber Britner an artist and professional life coach, we have come together to share with you the land that is in our blood and bones through our creative retreats. The Delta Sisters retreats are grand adventures filled with fun, luxurious creativity, and life-shifting inspiration for the novice, reluctant creative, or seasoned pro.

Scrumptiously tucked away in a beautiful family farm setting following the trail of the Mississippi Delta, 40 miles west of Memphis in Arkansas. You will find love, nurture and rest oozing out of this four-generation homestead built by our community minded, culture-shaping granddad who served under seven Governors for the state of Arkansas on Agricultural and Industrial commissions.

This culture of friendly people, the most revered BBQ in the world, front porches, back roads, cotton fields, big trucks, good 'ole boys and gals washes down as sweetly as tea. You just can’t help but tap into your creativity.

During your time with us every detail has been thought about to create an intimate environment conducive to pampering, fun, inspiration and growth. Aside from the particular event format you will have time for reflective walks, journaling and inspired play. Being creative, in the end is always about how you see and respond to life.

As you are led through various offerings of art or art/life experiences you will play around in the dirt of your own creativity, take away one of a kind pieces, gain new revelation and permission for the dreams that lie inside you, shake off your “shoulds,” eat yummy meals, enjoy special surprises including a welcome cocktail party, take a stroll around the grounds, visit the visionary town of Wilson, AR and soak up even more inspiration should you choose to get your blues on in Memphis during extended time. Give yourself the gift of an exquisite get-away for your mind, body and spirit that will leave you reenergized and sparked for life.

Let us lead you on a journey of awakening your heart in an artful and meaningful way. Unwind in the unique Delta countryside, get refreshed, and gain new insight, vision, clarity and purpose as you take time to invest in yourself!  Delta means the difference. In the south you’ll find there’s away of slowing down from the regular pace of life, where you quickly fall into the ease of southern living. Come experience and inner an outer Delta.



Who Are The Sisters?

No, we’re not nuns, but real sisters just two years and nine months apart, although people regularly ask if we are twins. Lisa is a little louder and riotous and Kimber, wise and slightly more subdued, but both gals have a lifetime of stories and adventures. Read about each one here.