Uprising: The Happiness Shift

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You could say Uprising is my story. It’s the work of reparenting myself and redirecting my life after a lifetime of “Good girling!” In the book I let you in on my journey and through it you will see yourself, because it turns out that my story isn’t that unique. Yeah, I’ve lived a a crazy life raised by a single mom with mental illness who moved us about every two years. At eighteen I fled to Hollywood to pursue an acting career and then traded in my gold lamé bikini to become a stay-at-home-mom of four and later buried my husband after a five week battle with cancer. Your story my have different twists and turns, but likely some good ole disfunction, too.

I’ve discovered that most women struggle with giving themselves permission and freedom to breakout of the stall and reconnect with the woman they were designed to be. Preconditioned beliefs and entrenched coping methods keep us looking like we’re on top of it all, but living below our truest identity and we don’t even know it.

If you’re like I was, you feel a nudge telling you that there’s more for you. You recognize that a sort of dissatisfaction has been stirring in you for sometime. You keep trudging along, doing what you do, while your heart is aching, or maybe it’s numb from performing and pleasing.

Honestly, if you’re like some, you have no idea that there’s more to you than taking care of everyone else or that part of you has been left on the wayside, ignored and fending for herself. Isn’t it time to find her and bring her back home? Isn’t it time for your own uprising?


Raise your hand if…

✓ Joy seems elusive and fleeting, as if you never received the direction manual.

✓ Your thoughts continue to trip you up.

✓ You want a deeper connection to your innate spiritual self.

✓ You know there’s more juiciness to life, but you can’t seem to find it.

✓ You need a big serving of self-permission, but don’t know how to get it.

Keep reading if that sounds like you!

Forty-two meditations to reset your life! Uprising is an invitation to re- new our mindset in 42 beautiful devotions. Kimber’s words are like a tuning fork, showing us aspects where we are flat and out of tune in our thinking. She has a gift to call out our true selves with her words and the truths she speaks—simple truths that change our minds about who we think we are and who we think others are. When our minds can change, our hearts can heal.
— Lily Crowder, Author of Grace for the Contemplative Parent
Uprising is a beautiful book. Through it, Kimber skillfully and eloquently helps people see their lives through the view of a different lens. That view will activate the joy within you and help you cultivate it in your life.
— Bruce D Schneider, Author of Energy Leadership and Founder of iPEC Coaching
Kimber invites grace, insight and valuable inquiry in this work. I felt challenged, inspired and empowered each day as I meditated on a new entry. It is my belief that we have to feel to heal and in this work Kimber will invite you to feel in all the right ways. Kimber does a stunning job of offering spiritual insight and discovery along with self-acknowledgement and understanding. I highly recommend taking time to dive into the self-discovery and inquiry Kimber offers in this book!”
— Heather Collins, Yoga Instructor
Uprising helped me face my crippling fear and daily dread by unpacking my thoughts. Kimber’s authentic and raw style encouraged me to see through a new lens of acceptance and positivity—a new sense of self. I highly recommend this book!
— Kim Gibbs, Artist, www.kgfinearts.com
What an honor to endorse this amazing book! Turn each page and experience the raw vulnerability of Kimber’s journey, while finding yourself amidst her story. Trust the investment you partake in as you see and remember the fully whole person you are created to be.
— Dr. Sharnael Wolverton, Swiftfire Ministries International, www.swiftfire.org

What You’ll Experience

Uprising will lead you on a 6 week coaching journey of daily reads and shifts that include a Perception Challenge and Exercise designed to help you apply the coaching concepts directly to your life so you can experience your own uprising. Each week is broken up into seven days of content. Here are a few of the weekly topics you’ll cover.

Part 1: Joy Doesn’t Exist without Self-Permission and Welcome

Week 1: Why the Resistance

Learn the reason why resistance and scarcity show up in your life and what to do about it.

Week 2: Love Makes You At Home In Your Own Skin

Discover ego’s song and dance that keeps you disconnected from your true essence and how to reconnect.

Week 3: Life Is Energy

Learn about the energy operating in your life and how to get an upgrade.

Week 4: Welcoming the Space Between

Discover the space holders that have been filling your life and how to recalibrate.

Part 2: It’s Not What We Know, It’s What We Can’t Comprehend

Week 5: Engaging with Mystery

Find out the one thing indispensable to your happiness and how to nurture it.

Week 6: Lover Is Your Identity

Reconnect with your truest identity and the ultimate Youness!

ready to…

✔️Rediscover the Joy of living 

✔️Rediscover the power of personal agency rather than abdicating it

✔️Rediscover the thrill of loving yourself instead of force-feeding yourself the stuff you can’t swallow

✔️Rediscover the Joy of your own uprising

There’s nothing quite as liberating and exhilarating as welcoming back into the fold the parts of yourself that have long been abandoned.
It’s nothing short of empowering to learn to care for yourself instead of the whole damn choir.