Uprising Coaching Group


Are you tired of being tamed?

Have you forgotten what makes you most alive and long for your own uprising?

Are you like many of the women in my Uprising Coaching Groups, you want to reconnect with the truest parts of yourself? Do you want to reDiscover joy and awaken to the flow of love in your life, but don’t know how? Are Your thoughts and beliefs so entangled with what you’ve been told to think, that your struggling to find yourself in the mix?

have You given away so much of yourself that you’re numb, functioning on auto-pilot through a string of coping mechanisms. Although You might look like you have it altogether, deep inside you know that you don’t and you’re aching for space to uncover the real, true-blue, you!

The thing is,

It won’t just happen without being intentional. It takes deliberate intention to reconnect with the truth in your deepest being, but Many women are so caught up in serving others they don’t even know how to think about or care for themselves. It takes time and investment to show up for yourself, so you don’t regret that you didn’t live your life on your own terms. It takes compassionate and intentional presence to welcome yourself back into the fold. it’s not selfish to care about yourself, despite what you’ve been told. you can’t truly love others without first loving yourself.

Happiness and joy have an unlimited supply, but since you can’t find happiness in a happiness store, accessing it requires a shift and realignment in your consciousness. It requires a new way of seeing and believing that will open access to the most alive parts of yourself. It requires mindset changes and that’s not always easy.

It takes work and it takes time. You might be afraid to face the stuff thats kept you on auto-pilot. You might even get mad and want to blame everyone else, but when you truly show up, choose vulnerability and take responsibility for yourself, you will witness your discomfort transform into your own uprising.

Are you ready to own the power you possess for happiness?

Are you tired of settling for good and the illusion of “normal” when there’s so much more within you?

If these things are true for you, Let me help you navigate.

  • Joy seems elusive and fleeting, as if you never received the direction manual.

  • Your thoughts continue to trip you up. You know you’re coping and want more in life.

  • You want a deeper connection to your innate spiritual self.

  • You want to claim your life, your beliefs, your way of living, but you need to discover them.

  • You know there’s more juiciness to life, but You can’t seem to find it.

  • You need a big serving of self-permission, but don’t know how to get it.


This group is for women like you who are jonesing for greater expansion of vision, perspective and upgrade in joy. You will love drawing on the wisdom of the group, Kimber's coaching expertise and the Uprising book, exercises and expanded material accessible through the group.

are you ready?

participants Have said:

“This is me doing the work. This is me, feeling out my big emotions, fears, and letting them be heard. This is me, loving myself, valuing myself and showing up for myself.”

“I Feel Like I’m waking up for the first time.”

“I couldn’t have gotten to this healthy sPace without you and this course. It played a vital role in my self-discovery and self-love.”

"Thank you for facilitating magic, growth and transformation."

"Kimber cultivates a safe and caring atmosphere with her presence and knowledge. I felt valued as an individual in the group and I felt open to being my authentic self. Kimber is a treasure and it is very evident she is doing her life's work. She shines in creativity and light. I am grateful Kimber entered my life when she did and I recommend her workshops, groups, and any endeavor her souls delights in sharing with other women!" 


"What a beautiful, sacred thing! Thank you beyond for letting me be me. Thank you for creating such a safe place for this to unfold. Forever grateful." 

“Lately I’ve been giving myself permission to feel deeply and ask incredibly hard questions. What a difference it makes to say out loud to your soul, “Baby Girl, you have permission to feel strongly and what are you so afraid of? Thank you, Kimber for this piece of wonder you gave my heart.”

“Kimber has been instrumental in my own personal growth journey. She has activated me, encouraged me, and give me tools that have shifted my life. Her zeal and joy for life are contagious!”

”Kimber, I’m grateful that you use your voice to speak truth & life!”


“Jedi Master and mother of Ninjas! I didn't realize you were a Jedi.” 

Give yourself the gift of awakening, untaming and uprising!  

Limited space. To register and ask questions about the next group email Kimber at: kimberbritner@gmail.com