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Artist and Professional Life Coach Kimber Britner leads women into the expanse of what’s available with an untamed heart. For over 25 years Kimber has worked with heart-centered individuals and groups of women, recognizing that most women know how to love everyone, but themselves and struggle from a very real disconnection to their truest self. Unfortunately, it often takes a crisis to rock the boat and get women to recognize how deeply they’ve failed to love themselves, while working hard to “love their neighbor.” Betraying one’s innermost being is brutal on the body, soul and spirit and is why it often shows up through poor health. Reconnecting women to the forgotten parts of themselves, allows them to come alive in every way imaginable.

As an artist who paints and creates unique one-of-kind jewelry, Kimber’s main canvas is life design, where her authenticity and unique way of seeing things creates an atmosphere of transformation. Whether in her individual client work, workshops, or retreats, she helps women see possibility, live from their own playbook and celebrate their life fully. Kimber’s a possibillionaire and she can’t help but make other women excited about the possibilities, too, but not before she helps them take an honest look at the systems they’re running on that often evade them and thwart the happiness they seek!

After being widowed at thirty-six, Kimber tackled the daunting task of finding new inspiration in her life and raising four small children from the ages of two through nine alone. Through the process she became an expert in the art of innovation, repurposing her life and doing the hard work of learning to be present to what was going on within her. She taught herself a lifestyle of what she’s coined as, “Personal Hospitality”; creating an inner climate of awareness, acceptance, non-judgment and loving care for oneself. She believes that you can hustle and drive yourself to know end, but if you haven’t done the work of creating an inner climate of “Personal Hospitality” you won’t enjoy the person you always come home to.

With an CPC certification from The Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, an ACC designation through the International Coaching Federation, a Higher Ground Leadership® Certified Coach, a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator CDWF, Which includes training in both The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™, based on the pioneering research of Brené Brown and a keen sense of intuition, Kimber’s depth of personal experience and coaching expertise help the women she works with thrive exponentially.

Find Kimber's new book, Uprising! The Happiness shift, A 40-day Guide to Shift Out of Fear Into Redonkulous Joy! Kimber’s book, Untamed Heart, Releasing Your Creative Genius is a fun, creative and lively road map for moving beyond your limitations into expansive possibilities.

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Kimber is a great believer in thriving, a lover of life, and enjoys spending it creating, coaching clients and hanging out with her husband, her brood of adult kids and newest addition, Winnie June.

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"Untamed Heart is full of inspirational stories, thoughtful questions and gorgeous illustrations. The author pours out her heart as she shares memories of her creative survival and invites you to explore your own. Each chapter ends with a " Focus Factor", exercises that truly help you tap into your creative self. Reading this book was like going on a vacation with my heart and coming home with a suitcase full of dreams. It was a joyful reminder of what I really want my life to be about and encouragement to live abundantly. I want to give a copy to every person I know!" Diane McFerrin

"Before reading this book I would say I was somewhat untamed with my living and dreams, but now I want to go out there shake life by the horns and get every last drop of wildness out and accomplish every last God given dream! I'm going to buy this book for almost every man, woman and child I know because potential is a wonderful thing, but realizing that potential is better. Untamed Heart will help you unleash so much of your vision and dreams that are struggling to breathe, allowing them to come up for air and come alive." Jessica Oyelowo, Actress

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